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母親節黎喇! 希望各位能共聚天倫之餘 都可以繼續支持我們Kopi Luwak ! 而我們禮盒裝亦特價$498發售 詳情請流覽www.kopiluwak.com/shop 或致電(852)35687132..
中秋尊享: $218
月餅向來是傳統中秋節的必選節目,但您喜歡什麼來配搭呢?全新Kopi Luwak Gold Blend 5% 與您一起突破傳統,渡過一個難忘的中秋!由即日起至2013年9月31日, 於指定超級市場或Kopi Luwak 網上商店即可以HKD218享有乙包Kopi Luwak Gold Blend 5%。詳情請流覽www.kopiluwak.com/shop 或致電(852)35687132..
Kopi Luwak推出全新Gold Blend 5%,含有5%純野生印尼麝香貓咖啡的優質阿拉比卡咖啡豆,為您帶來無限味覺驚喜。由即日起至2013年8月31日,凡於以下地点或Kopi Luwak網上商店購買任何3包Kopi Luwak Gold Blend 5%,即可額外獲贈一包,買3得4:..
Kopi Luwak與比利時手造朱古力品牌Goossens Chocolatier再度合作,推出Kopi Luwak X Goossens Chocolatier 限量套裝系列,並將在指定特選市場發售。 Kopi Luwak芳香醇厚,層次豐富,回甘漫長。Goossens Chocolatier比利時手造巧克力特選新鮮最佳原可可豆,帶給你真正的絲滑口感和香醇。 Kopi Luwak X Goossens Chocolatier L..
Spring Is Here Sale
由即日起至2013年2月28日,凡於貓斯露哇網上商店購物可賞高達8折優惠,顧客亦可直接將訂單電郵至: info@kopiluwak.com.hk 詳細資料可瀏覽www.kopiluwak.com.hk ..
The Year of the Dragon Special for members
From now until 31 January 2012, all registered members are entitled to enjoy Kopi Luwak Gourmet Box Set at only HK$780 (original price: HK$980)..
Kopi Luwak is available in Market Place by Jasons
Kopi Luwak is available in Market Place by Jasons..
Indulge your dad this Father's Day
This Father’s Day, surprise and pamper your beloved Dad with the world’s most expensive coffee - Kopi Luwak, check out our Father’s Day Exclusive Set at $380 only (original price $580)...
Restaurant & Bar Hong Kong Exhibition 2010
To help our counterparts in the sectors of restaurant and bar know more about the unique nature and value of our Kopi Luwak coffee, our experienced barista will be delighted to give you a taste and thoughtful introduction. Details will be announced later...
Hong Kong Food Expo 2010
Following the successful introduction and exhibition of our Kopi Luwak in 2009 Food Expo, we are going to meet every one of you again this summer. ..
Trademark Registration
Our trademark was successfully registered by the Registrar of Trade Marks in Hong Kong on 26 April 2010 in respect of Class 30 (Coffee, artificial coffee, coffee beverages with milk, coffee flavorings, coffee-based beverages). The registration recognizes the authenticity and identity of our Kopi Luwak coffee...
Grand Opening of flagship store at Indonesia Plaza
We have invited one of the most famous fashion brands – Coach to celebrate our grand opening with their fabulous fashion show...